Jun 12, 2015 - THANK YOU for your visit to Stehle

THANK YOU for your visit with us! Your Stehle Team
THANK YOU for your visit with us! Your Stehle Team

The live demo of the new "Stehle nn-System DP flex" saw blade astounded many visitors.

"You can hardly hear the blade at idle" was just one of many enthusiastic statements about this saw blade.

Our guests also noticed and commented on the other advantages, such as versatility, superb cutting quality, thin cutting width and extraordinary chip gullet geometry.


Our redesigned and restructured website, at www.stehle-int.com went online for LIGNA 2015.

The new 2015 general catalog and the Stehle saw blade catalog appeared hot off the presses for LIGNA.

We have been pleased by the initial positive responses at the exhibition.


Our customers from planing and finger jointing mills showed keen interest in the new, true "Z8" finger joint cutters for 6/7 mm finger joints. The professionals quickly recognized the potential for their high performance systems with regard to capacity expansion and wood savings.

The "Stehle Triathlon coating" extends service life threefold.


We are very grateful for your visit to our stand!

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our innovations!

Your Stehle Team