May 4, 2015 - New catalogs, hot off the presses!

Katalog 2015

Highlights from the current Stehle 2015 general catalog:

  • HRP nn-System DP flex (diamond tipped sizing saws with hollow back tooth geometry)
  • RSK nn-System DP flex (scoring saw blade with diamond tipped alternate top blade)
  • DP HKS LR+L (new "flat tooth with chamfer" tooth geometry and stronger saw blade bodies)
  • HW ZWS-1 (Trimming and finish cut saw blades with shear angle)
  • p-System shaft and grooving cutter product line (with 70° shear angle)
  • VHW High-Performance Dowel Bit
  • and many additional in-demand dimensions as product line supplements, such as "Matator 5" in ø 500 and ø 550 mm!

We are now also offering a catalog of nothing but Stehle saw blades. Finding the right saw blade is now faster than ever.


Stehle aspires to always provide you with the optimal tool for your application – with a proven standard product range and corresponding tool solutions for special challenges. We guarantee you excellent quality through continual innovation and optimization.